Hi! I'm Tringa | Web developer

I'm a Software Engineering graduate with years of experience as a web developer and an aspiring web designer. Web development for me is both a hobby and a job . I'm slowly specialising in developing websites for small-medium businesses or portfoilos.
Who am I
I am a web developer and an asipring mobile developer (Android). My passion is to use my ability to utilize various tools and technologies to create cool applications that offer the best user experience.
Also, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Software Engineering specialised in Web and Mobile applications, from the University of Sheffield, UK.
Now I work as a super happy full-time freelance mobile app developer at a big German company based in Stuttgart. I spent my free time mainly reading tech articles, keeping up with new technologies, going to the gym (well, sometimes), planning trips and traveling. As of a recently, I am slowly starting my own tech blog with lots of effort and joy.
What I do.
It is my passion to build useful and innovative applications using the latest technologies, tools and best practices suggested by the tech community. So, apart from my uni classes, I've taken numerous online courses to further my skills. Some of the latest courses I've taken are: Angular & Nodejs - The MEAN stack guide, Learn and Understand Nodejs, Nodejs, Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment and so on.
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If you have idea for collaboration or an exciting project idea, feel free to drop me an email or get in tough with me through twitter or wherever you like