Hi there, I'm Tringa Krasniqi

Web developer | Technical blogger
You might also know me as @tringacodes from Instagram! I am a software developer and I occasionally write on my blog about programming and anything I'm learning about. Currently, I am working as a web deverloper for a company based Germany. I have a ton of hobbies, but some of them are traveling, puzzles, reading, swimming etc. (and I can go on and on).
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More about me
I'm Tringa a.k.a TringaCodes on Instagram! With my presence in social media I focus on sharing my journey and what I'm learning, so that hopefully I can inspire people to join the developers' world. Content creation also has helped me become more creative, network and also be inspired by other fellow developers that are doing amazing things and thriving.
I'm a University of Sheffield graduate, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Software Engineering. Since the end of my Bachelors I've been working as a web developer for companies based in Greece and Germany. I'm based in Prishtina (Kosovo) which is also my sweet little hometown ^_^.
This April I was so lucky to be a scholarship recepient for the CodingDojo coding academy where I got to learn Python and Django during 4 months.
Apart from classes I took at the university, I've taken many online courses to get better especially at web development. Some of the latest courses I've taken are:
  • Angular & Nodejs - The MEAN stack guide
  • Learn and Understand Nodejs
  • Nodejs, Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment
I consider myself a continous learner!